5 Dumbass Comments of the Week #10 with Lee Lemon

Join Lee Lemon (@LemonLifts), the Godless Engineer (@godlessengineer), and Aeolus (@GodWorksOut) as they take on the 5 Dumbass Comments of the Week!

At 4:16, a Muslim says that we are lost and rebellious meaning Allah must send us to hell. He ends his comment on an argument from design.

At 23:51, two theists accuse us of taking a specific passage out of context and trying to destroy other people’s spirituality.

At 39:50, a theist finds it funny that we spend so much time on something we don’t believe and asks why do atheists care so much about what other people believe.

At 1:03:45, a Christian declares that Christians are discriminated against, no one discriminates against Muslims, and atheists are all idiots.

At 1:16:35, a theist says that it is stupid that science can’t figure out why cells age and you are going to die, but god has been telling you all along why you are going to die.

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