When feminism borders on religion

So, Richard Dawkins was disinvited from a speaking engagement for the Northeast Conference of Science and Skepticism because he shared a video by SyeTenAtheist lampooning radical feminism by comparing it to Islamism. Whether or not you agree with the decision, it’s theirs to make. They don’t owe Dawkins anything. That being said:

SyeTenAtheist lampoons a lot of people. Usually it is theists, be they famous creationists or apologists, or even YouTube evangelists who are well-known in atheist circles. Granted, this video is hyperbolic, but his videos are always over the top. That’s just his style. He uses heavy satire to make valid points.

I don’t see how mocking a radical feminist (keep in mind that many people who believe in and fight for equality amongst the sexes are “feminist” under that definition, but don’t identify as “feminist” because of the stigma that gets attached due to radical feminists) is promoting rape or misogyny. Ideas are not immune from criticism. As atheists, you should be well aware of this. Just because someone is a feminist, that doesn’t mean their arguments are unassailable or can’t be criticized. It’s dangerously close to religious dogma when others come to the defense of even extremist feminists simply because they share a label. That’s the point that’s being made in this video. That extreme feminism is reminiscent of extreme religion (in this case, Islam). Of course he’s not implying that feminists actually love Islamism or its misogynistic tenets.

Atheists often compare Christian fundies to Islamists in the US, saying things like “Christian Sharia” to refer to attempts to put Christian dogma into government. Again, this is hyperbolic, as Christianity is generally more benign, but it doesn’t change the fact that both Islamists and Christian fundies want theocracies. This is in a similar vain to this video.

The fact that people would call this video “misogynistic” proves the very point it is making. Anyone who criticizes Islam is called an Islamophobe by apologists for Islam, oftentimes because they mistake criticism of ideas as attack on those who hold them, or even the entire culture.


Here’s the video: Feminists Love Islamists

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