5 Dumbass Comments of the Week #6

5 Dumbass Comments of the Week #6

This week I am joined by the Godless Engineer as we take on the dumbest comments that we could find this week.

At 1:42, a theist claims that he has undeniable evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that gives 100% proof that God exists, but first he says that we must give him 1 solid reason why he should not kill us first.

At 8:05, a theist says that atheists always try to make creationists prove that god exists, but that atheists never try to disprove god first.

At 18:25, a theist says there are only three reasons why the universe is even here and that everyone must choose.

At 25:48, a theist says that the Bible is a peerless example of a book which has maintained relevance over 1,000s of years and that the main thrust of its message could not be more clear.

At 37:30, a theist says that all these theories; like the Big Bang and evolution, are theories that do not intersect with his religion and his “One Rational God.”

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