5 Dumbass Comments of the Week #6

5 Dumbass Comments of the Week #6

This week I am joined by the Godless Engineer as we take on the dumbest comments that we could find this week.

At 1:42, a theist claims that he has undeniable evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that gives 100% proof that God exists, but first he says that we must give him 1 solid reason why he should not kill us first.

At 8:05, a theist says that atheists always try to make creationists prove that god exists, but that atheists never try to disprove god first.

At 18:25, a theist says there are only three reasons why the universe is even here and that everyone must choose.

At 25:48, a theist says that the Bible is a peerless example of a book which has maintained relevance over 1,000s of years and that the main thrust of its message could not be more clear.

At 37:30, a theist says that all these theories; like the Big Bang and evolution, are theories that do not intersect with his religion and his “One Rational God.”

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You need to repent for being raped

Godless Engineering

The Situation

A redditt user by the handle cyborgxcreeper posted in an LDS subredditt about his niece suffering one of the most horrible things and woman can go through…. being raped.

Rape is horrible and no one should ever go through it or ever be made to go through it. But what she is being put through now can only result in continued mental distress and anguish. She is being told to repent for her sins by the bishop.

Her mom was recounting what happened to me, and she mentioned that she is starting the repentance process with her bishop. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic that she is willing to talk about what happened and work through it. But the idea that a rape victim needs repentance is beyond infuriating to me.

There is no good reason for a woman, girl, child to be raped and to place the blame…

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