5 Dumbass Comments of the Week #5

For this episode, I teamed up with the Godless Engineer and we took on some of the dumbest comments imaginable.

At the 1:00 mark, we have Jason who thinks that atheists create patently ridiculous definitions of god and then prove that definition wrong. He seems to think that one of the logical consequences of atheism is the problem of an infinite causal regression.

At the 9:50 mark, we have Ann who seems to think that atheists say there is no god, but we cannot prove it. She then goes on to say that creationists have proof of god because creation proves it.

At the 15:26 mark, we have Jessie who thinks that atheists are discriminating against believers. She thinks that that “discrimination” from atheists should be treated the same way that antisemitism is.

At the 22:50 mark, we have Harold who has a negative view of atheists because he thinks we are trying to force our views onto him and destroy Christian symbols. He seems to think we are a “scource” to mankind, but he will praying for us.

At the 39:00 mark, we have Thom who says there is no such thing as atheists because you have to believe in god in order to not believe in him.

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