Atheists Believe in Nothing?

I received a message from this guy on one of the Facebook pages that I admin.


You do not think about becoming an atheist. Atheism is not a position that you adopt, it is the default position or a conclusion after you thoroughly examine the world religions and all they have to offer. There will always be guidance, whether it is from family, friends, or even your own experiences. Also, I don’t know a single atheist that would say they “believe in nothing.”

Atheists believe in lots of things. For example, I believe in family, friends, and fun. I believe in compassionately helping others. I believe in free thought and the criticism of ideas. I believe in trying to make the world a better place. I believe in life in the here and now and not suspending it for some afterlife that is not guaranteed later.

As an atheist, I do not have faith. Faith is the belief in things without evidence. If you had evidence, you wouldn’t need faith. Faith is not virtuous nor is it a pathway to truth. Most suicide bombers have more faith than you. I can tell you that as an atheist you will have to discover your own purpose and give your life meaning on your own. That alone should make you happy.


To continue, to many atheists, religion is a crime against humanity. Manipulating others into changing their lives, sacrificing their individuality, and giving up their time and money for an afterlife constructed in the imagination of conmen is one of the worst harms you can bring against humanity. Instructing people to suspend the real fantasy, the wondrous reality that we call life, which is a fleeting moment of the ever-advancing example of human ingenuity, should definitely be considered a crime against humanity.


Our world has much to offer and religion always stifles our progression. It is almost always anti-scientific in nature and does not conform to new discoveries, which as you know is a recipe for disaster in any situation. Religion by its very nature is divisive. It establishes and enforces the in-group bias and that alone should be enough to turn away from it. We are all humans forged from the universe and we are like a brief flicker in a dark expanse. We have one unique opportunity to experience the universe and to enjoy human cognizance.


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