Atheists Believe in God and They’re Going to Hell!

Keith seems to think that atheists spend a lot of time thinking about hell and that atheists are going to suffer the most for mocking his deity. He claims that atheists do actually believe in a god, but that they are afraid to believe because they do not want to give up things in life. He personally believes that not believing in a god is the “easy road” and this is why we deny the existence of a god. Finally, he mentions the age-old classic that if we didn’t believe in gods we wouldn’t spend all this time talking about them.

Let’s address some bullshit. Do I think about going to hell? Nope. Not even once. In fact, even as a Christian I was unable to reconcile the fact that people that I loved went to hell with their being no tears in heaven. How can you enjoy yourself while everyone you love and most of the people to ever be born are suffering unending agony at the hands of a careless dictator? Needless to say, I didn’t require much philosophical introspection to toss hell out of my theology. Hell isn’t even a biblical concept—it is actually Christian fan-fiction. More on that in a future video.

We don’t talk about gods because they exist or because we think they exist. However, the fact that you are so insecure in your own belief that you have to seek out my videos and leave comments like this demonstrates that you are really internally struggling with disbelief. We talk about gods because theism exists. In a perfect world we would not have to talk about superstitious beliefs, but we live in a world that is held captive by them. Just because I don’t believe in any gods and I am not part of any religion doesn’t mean that there is something contradictory about discussing religion — analyzing what it is, critiquing whether it is rational, and discussing what it means.

Religious beliefs, with rare exceptions, are not simply dormant little thoughts that sit in a glass case in someone’s mind like museum pieces. People act on their beliefs, they behave in ways that are informed and influenced, or even dictated, by their beliefs. Nearly every belief has an impact outside the individual.

Finally, you are the one that does not want to give up the ease of discarding personal responsibility on a scapegoat nor do you want to accept the finality of life. It’s safe to say you are the one who is afraid of reality because you would have to give up far too much and lack the maturity, critical-thinking skills, and the human decency to take the “easy road.”

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2 thoughts on “Atheists Believe in God and They’re Going to Hell!”

  1. I know it’s a very real concern for a lot of newly deconverted atheists, but I have never understood the fear that people have of hell. I suppose a great part of it is that I wasn’t raised with this doctrine (a nominally Christian upbringing with a belief that most of the Bible was allegory).

    I hear all the time, “What if you’re wrong? Aren’t you afraid of going to hell?” Honestly, I’m not. The very concept fails to resonate with me; I just don’t understand it. The best analogy I’ve heard is that it’s like someone threatening to punch me in my aura.

    I don’t believe in God; I don’t believe in hell; and I don’t fear either.


  2. “You obviously do heroin, otherwise you wouldn’t spend so much time talking about heroin all the time!! CHECKMATE”

    “…I’m a substance abuse counselor.”


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