Are Scientists Arrogant?

Some people think that scientists are arrogant because they know more about science. However, every day of your life you rely on others to know more than you about a particular subject and you rely on their designs/theories. Architects that planned your home, construction workers that built it, engineers that designed your vehicle, IT experts that keep your internet experience running smoothly, and doctors that treat your ailments… but when it comes to cosmology and biology, the experts are absolutely arrogant, evil, and clueless. This is an extremely dismissive attitude regarding a science that allows us to have satellites in space for your cellphone functions and allows us to have vaccines against diseases that once ravaged our world.

Yet here comes the average individual to tell us how the scientists are all wrong about evolution and the big bang, but that doesn’t sound the least bit arrogant to you? Then they have the audacity to think that they can overturn nearly every field of science, including decades of rigorous study and some of the greatest minds to ever grace this earth. Next, they’ll defend their position by saying, “I’ve done my research.” If you have to say you’ve done your research, then you probably haven’t done your research.

This is applicable to any field or view, including religion, but most of the time I come across this mentality, or a variant of it, when conversing with creationists regarding evolution. Evolution is a scientific theory, which is different from the standard definition of the word “theory”, making it more of a fact. Actually, evolution is an observed fact. We’ve got over 200 years of observation of evolution, including through fossils and through observation of things living in our contemporary world. Palaeontology, Biology, and Geology are a few examples of fields that rely on evolutionary science. Few real scientists doubt the evidence or relevance of evolution.

The beautiful thing about science is that if you truly believe that the scientists are wrong and you are willing to prove it with substantial evidence, you can actually overturn the accepted models that we have today. However, if you think that your opinion or one comment that you leave on social media is going to overturn decades of scientific understanding, then you truly are willfully ignorant. There is only one reason to deny the efficacy of evolutionary biology to explain the common descent–you don’t like it because it offends your beliefs.

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