9 Year-Old girl fights for STEM Competition inclusion

Godless Engineering

First of all I want to praise this young girl for taking interest in the STEM fields. I’m highly supportive of anyone showing interest in the STEM fields and I especially like seeing girls actively trying to get into them. Girls in the STEM fields are significantly less in number and I want to actively promote their admittance into the field. Not because of some kind of Bro-fisted reason that I want the guy-to-girl ratio to be a certain number. That is just dumb as fuck.

The fields have been very male dominated and I am very much for equality. I want to see whoever , no matter the gender, shows an active interest in the STEM fields to be given every opportunity to explore and experience that.

The library that was hosting this event though was in fact demeaning boys while excluding girls. According to HuffPost Tech:


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