Why Are Atheists So Angry?

Today’s post contains a response video to Burgoghenes’ video titled, “Why Are Atheists So Angry?” He can’t seem to figure out why atheists are angry, especially with his series called “Why Atheism is Retarded”, which he removed from YouTube. He is frustrated with atheists leaving snarky comments that insult his intelligence, which is laughable considering he is insulting the intelligence of every atheist with his broad generalizations.

Please allow me to address this ridiculous video. It is no surprise that a series called, “Why Atheism is Retarded” would net you some attention. It is also no surprise that it gets negative attention. I’ve never seen the series, but I am willing to bet that it is riddled with strawman arguments—which is initially implied by the title of your series. Atheism is the lack of belief in a god. Yes, it is really that simple. You say a god exists and I don’t believe you. This is no different than people that say Big Foot exists or that aliens have abducted them. I don’t believe them either. The rejection of an extraordinary claim is not retarded—it is a sensible and skeptical response.

Furthermore, if you are going to post controversial videos, then you should expect to receive negative attention. If you can’t understand why atheists are angry, then I challenge you to do a thought experiment. Imagine that you were a Christian living deep in ISIS controlled territory. Would you be angry as the marauders came to your home to collect the Jizyah (an extra tax imposed on non-Muslims who live under Muslim rule)? Would you be angry as your neighbors called you an infidel and slandered you around town? Would you be angry when the local markets and shops refused you service because you were a Christian? Would you be angry when all of your rights were impeded and you were treated like a sub-human piece of shit? Would you be angry when they condemned you to hell and told you that you lead a miserable existence so we’ll just go ahead and send you there faster?

Thankfully, we are living in a country with a secular foundation. However, there are some that would like to send us back into the Dark Ages by instituting a Christian theocracy. Despite the fact that there is no state-sponsored religion, people are still being legislated against. This includes the LGBT individuals who have been battling for years for the access to the same rights as everyone else, along with women who have been battling a structure of compulsory gender roles, yet still do not have full rights to their reproductive organs.

I know how you feel because I used to be a Christian and just like every other Christian I had a persecution complex. I thought that my religious rights were being infringed upon and that this was a Christian nation. I was oblivious to the truth and believed all the lies I had been told when all I needed was to take off the blinders. I encourage you to open your mind to the perspective of others. There is a great book by Greta Christina titled, “Why Are You Atheists So Angry”, that would probably answer all of your questions.

In it she has such gems as this, “Atheists’ anger doesn’t prove that we’re selfish, or joyless, or miserable. It shows that we have compassion, and a sense of justice. We’re angry because we see terrible harm all around us, and we feel desperately motivated to stop it.” That terrible harm is religion. Religion upholds faith as a most virtuous trait. Faith is the belief in things without evidence. If you had evidence, you wouldn’t need faith. Faith is not a pathway to truth and it is definitely not a virtue. Most suicide bombers exemplify the word faith. They are so sure of their beliefs and what is going to happen to them after they die that they are willing to take their own lives in a suicide bombing.

This practice of belief in things without evidence has led to antiscientific attitudes. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, people deny that climate change is happening. This destructive method of thinking leads to decisions that are made that support destroying the very planet that we need for survival. The support of faith as the most innocuous human behavior is just one of the many ways that religion is a terrible harm.

To continue, you complain that atheists are downvoting your videos. People have the option of upvoting, downvoting, or doing nothing at all when they see your video. You should know that people are more motivated to leave feedback by a bad experience than a positive or neutral one. With that being said, you should strive to produce quality content that your viewers will like or else they are definitely going to downvote it. YouTube is a rough place and chances are people are always going to downvote your video. It would help if you didn’t make videos that misrepresent the position of non-belief; however, if you want to keep doing that, you have the freedom to do so. Perhaps you could get an atheist’s perspective on things to understand why the separation of church and state benefits us all, especially the religious.

I don’t find it surprising at all that you are receiving snarky comments for continuously making fallacious videos that misrepresent atheism. I know that it can be a huge blow to your ego when someone questions your intelligence, but if you cannot grasp a simple definition—what are we to think? I am not sure what your justification for living is, but anyone who believes in an afterlife that is infinitely better than this life really has no justification for living at all. Why would you want to stick around in a world of unprecedented suffering when you could be lounging in paradise with an omnibenevolent creator? I am sorry to disappoint you, but this was hardly a challenge for me to address. “Your work” must not be that great since you have deleted the majority of the videos, including this one, from your channel.

The way the universe plays out is simple. It appears that if there were a purpose to the universe, it would be to create black holes. It is not to challenge you. You’d fail 99.9% of all the challenges anyway. We’re barely surviving on earth and you have the arrogance and the audacity to say that the universe is here to challenge you. Blasphemy! Also, I’m not sure which truth you think the universe is helping you to ascertain. All the universe ever does to me is try to kill me consistently on a daily basis. Neither the universe nor nature helps us to learn right from wrong. Right and wrong are human constructs that we put in place along with other concepts in order for us to live the most fulfilling and fair life possible. Spend one night in the heart of the rain forest and let me know what you learn about right and wrong.

Personally, I think your videos are disingenuous because you know exactly what it’s like to not truly believe in a god. You don’t believe in Allah and Krishna, yet the people that do have the exact same arguments as you. You can’t all be right, but you can all be wrong. And you are all wrong.

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