Retiring? Sorry, Christians..

Godless Engineering

Courtesy of RWW, this little gem was sitting in my inbox last night:

Retirement is not a biblical concept,” Barton said, putting forth a theory that he appears to have stolen from Rabbi Daniel Lapin.  “That is a pagan concept that comes from the Babylonian system.  If you want to live in Egypt, you wan to live in Babylon, great, retire.  God’s people, that is not a model.

Why?  Because.. God..

Why is this of such concern to an Atheist?

When speaking in terms of “retirement age”, we’re often discussing our parents and grandparents, as is, in my case.  In particular, my own mother, who will be 68 this year.

She has worked her entire life, draws roughly a $435 check from Social Security.  Her mortgage payment is $700/mo, alone.  She still works, but not for the reason you might have found obvious.


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