You Better Capitalize God’s Name!


Apparently, when you use the word “god”, even when undefined, you better capitalize it or else false dichotomies and arguments from ignorance will occur! Ray wants to know if I am attempting to insult him and follows up with a little projection on how science requires faith, in response to a video I did on disproving a god’s existence. My response is below.

No. When I use the word “god” I am referring generally to a god. There are over 2,500 deities documented throughout human history. I don’t have time to name them all. If I were to refer to a specific god, like Zeus, JuJu, Yahweh, Allah, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, then I will capitalize the name. Even then it has nothing to do with respect. Also, where did you see me mention a primordial stew? I don’t believe I did. I’m pretty sure that is my first time ever using that terminology in my life. However, if you are attempting to refer evolution by reference to abiogenesis, the Miller-Urey experiment, and especially the subsequent experiments, is a good place for you to learn about the “primordial stew.”

If we were able to reverse time, the constant expansion of the universe would become the constant inward collapse of the universe to a single point. The same is true for evolution. The constantly blooming tree of life would become a contracting tree until it shriveled down to its roots. Those roots could be the primordial stew, but we aren’t sure. We aren’t arrogant enough to claim answers that we do not have evidence for, however, a logical conclusion that can be reached is that life originated at a single point, so to speak.

Evolution is a fact. Everything on this planet evolved from a common ancestor, which means that everything that lives is a product of one ancestor—not a quantity but a generality. We haven’t totally nailed the specifics, but we have a pretty good idea of how it may have happened. Even if all we had were the Miller-Urey and subsequent experiments, we’d still have more evidence for abiogenesis than for any god ever presented.

But even this does not disprove a god’s existence. It is possible that a god could have jump-started life, so your implied false dilemma disappoints. Finally, to address your requirement of “faith,” it actually takes no faith to accept science. Faith is the belief in things without evidence. If you had evidence, you wouldn’t need faith. Science requires zero faith and nearly every field of science, including the ones that enabled you to leave this stupid ass comment, operate based on the reliability and predictive power of the scientific method. And no, that’s not ad hominem because I addressed every part of your dumb ass comment.


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