It’s a Matter of Legality

Godless Engineering

Today, I was almost proud to call myself an Oklahoman..  Almost.

Since January 8, 2015, the most prominent item within my newsfeed from fellow Oklahomans is the replacement of the 10 Commandments statue at the State Capitol.  I watched as thousands of Christians celebrated, while those of us on the side of either Secularism and/or legality cringed.  Someone pointed out today, that I am obviously a psychic, seeing as I called the end result of this horrendous debacle several months back.

Fast forward to today and you find:Oklahoma Supreme Court Justices have ruled the 10 Commandments display as unconstitutional.

Read Oklahoma Supreme Court Case 113332, as the unreleased opinion, subject to revision or withdrawal.  You may follow case proceedings here.

As an Atheist who whole-heartedly believes in the Constitutional right to Separation of Church and State, as it was intended, I consider this a…

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