Why the “Dred Scott” defense fails

Godless Engineering

Today I read an article by Neil Carter on the Godless In Dixie blog that points out the hilarious failure of a particular argument used by a lot of popular conservatives. This is the “Dred Scott” defense and it’s best exemplified by good ole Mike Huckabee:

What if no one had acted in disobedience to the Dred Scott decision of 1857? What if the entire country had capitulated to judicial tyranny and we just said that because the Supreme Court said in 1857 said that a black person wasn’t fully human—suppose we had accepted that, suppose Abraham Lincoln, our president, had accepted that, would that have been the right course of action?

Well that sounds a bit suspicious… at least it should and it did to Neil. He goes on to explain the specifics of the Dred Scott case:

The SCOTUS fail they keep referring to is the one in…

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