Is There Really Science in the Quran?

There are many things that Muslims claim were predicted by the Quran including, but not limited to; the Big Bang, the ongoing expansion of the universe, and the understanding of the atmosphere. Many Muslims claim that this scientific foreknowledge was detailed in the Quran 1,400 years ago, therefore the Quran must be true and Allah is the one, true god.

I will address these three specific claims about the Big Bang, the ongoing expansion of the universe, and the understanding of the atmosphere. For many of these discoveries, it is not the work of a single person, but usually a chain of thoughts and ideas that led to the discovery. The Big Bang and the expansion of the universe were discovered over 1,000 years after the Quran was written. The understanding of the atmosphere began in the 1600s, but this is still a significant amount of time after the Quran was written. None of the people involved in these discoveries were Muslim nor did they accredit the discovery to the scientific foreknowledge of the Quran.

If the Quran contains scientific foreknowledge, why did Muslims wait until science discovered those things to claim that the Quran contains them? If the Quran truly had scientific foreknowledge, it would be able to use that knowledge to predict future discoveries. However, it appears that the Quran can only predict current knowledge and even when it does that it is extremely vague with the ambiguity that it conveys.

Even if the Quran was proven to be the true words of an omnipotent deity that orchestrated the construction of the universe, this argument would still be complete bullshit. The only thing that this argument would prove is that any scientific foreknowledge must be the handiwork of this omnipotent deity, to include works of science fiction that mistakenly predicted the future. It would not prove that the Quran is true anymore than NASA landing on the moon proves “From the Earth to the Moon”, by Jules Verne was true.

Let’s grant for a minute that the Quran accurately predicted the Big Bang, the expansion of the universe, and the understanding of the earth’s atmosphere. Would that mean it must automatically be wholly credible and the inerrant work of the divine? No. The Quran has entirely too many scientific statements that have no scientific basis, some of which can only be described as lies or absurdities.

Some of these absurdities include, but are not limited to; geocentrism, stars being missiles that are shot at devils, ants recognizing humans and speaking to each other, humans transforming into apes, (and my personal favorite) a winged horse with a handsome face that transported Muhammed as far in one night as a camel could have taken him in one week to pray in a temple that had been destroyed 500 years earlier, just before Muhammed’s chest was cut open, his heart removed, and washed in belief before being placed back into his chest.


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One thought on “Is There Really Science in the Quran?”

  1. This is actually an argument I frequently use against Christians who claim that the Bible has an amazing knowledge of science. If Muslims can make the same claim about the Qur’an, then it would seem that the claim is lacking. To be sure, both have to do a huge amount of reaching to make their claims align with reality, but this is so much easier in hindsight. It doesn’t make either text divine.


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