What color are you, again?

Godless Engineering

A news article from the Washington Post, here, came across my desktop this morning.  It has left me sitting here, shaking my head in utter disbelief.

As a Native American woman, I am used to having discussion regarding race and heritage.  Those are all well and good.  I encourage people to seek out and embrace their own heritage.  However, you do NOT get to decide you want to be a different race.  Embrace WHO YOU ARE.

The issue in a nutshell:

Rachel Dolezal, 37, is the president of the Spokane NAACP, and has claimed to be the victim of a number of hate crimes. As questions were raised about the veracity of some of her reports this week, a white couple from Montana came forward to claim that Dolezal is their daughter.

Let that sink in just a moment.  Her parents came forward THIS WEEK.

Armed with childhood photos and…

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