Taking a Hard Look at “Forgiveness Culture”

Godless Engineering

Last August, the Godless Engineer wrote a blog regarding Forgiveness of Christianity.  In the several months that followed, we have seen a ridiculous amount of news regarding unlawful immoral acts being perpetuated by a number of different religious patriarchs.  The most common theme among these is the fact that the people are defending them all with “it’s okay because he asked for forgiveness”..

Enter the term “Forgiveness Culture”.  This is a term I have used for many years, as it is a perfect descriptor of religious protections afforded to a man of “god” to appease whatever sin he is constantly committing.

However, I wish to expand on the Blog posted above.  Why?  Because in using the term publicly, I have been asked repeatedly what it REALLY means.

Seeing as you won’t really find a solid definition of it anywhere, I can only give you my personal opinion on…

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