IRS seizes Hovind Supporter Church Funds

Uh Oh….

Godless Engineering


Today I heard from a friend that some news has developed about a Dr. Dino, aka Kent Hovind, supporter.

Some time ago the IRS served Pastor Wiley Drake with a bill for $50K shortly after he showed support for Kent.

According to the latest post on the free kent hovind website:

On June 4th 2015 The United States IRS, took what little money our Church
had in the bank, and zeroed our account.

Please pray for us

Pastor Wiley

Hmmmmmm…. something tells me that god just doesn’t give a fuck there Pastor Wiley. Below is a recording of the voice mail that notified Youtube user LoneStar1776:

LoneStar1776 says he got the voice mail at around 5:30 pm cst. Starting at the 0:48 mark, the voice mail says:

Hey this is Pastor Wiley, it is 5:28 there on central time. I have a dire need for emergency…

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