Pastor argues that rape isn’t rape

This pastor and his lawyer are just dumb as fuck

Godless Engineering

The Story

A Pennsylvania youth pastor and his legal defense are actually arguing that a case of rape isn’t really rape. I feel as though I’m hallucinating this but it’s literally how they are arguing it.

As RawStory reports:

The lawyer for a Pennsylvania youth pastor who has been charged with rape suggested this week that the underage victim may have been lying because she consented to sex on other occasions.

Hmmm really… so she may be lying. Ok. That could be the case with the exception that she is UNDERAGE and can’t consent in the first place, but ok… Let’s hear how she’s lying:

Before Easter, Jack was said to have taken [the] girl to his parents’ home, where he suggested that the two should have sex. But when he started kissing and touching her, she cried and refused to cooperate, the complaint said.

When she refused to have sex…

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