Divorce (Not Mine)

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Pastor No Faith

divorceAfter getting to know more and more ex-christians, not just ex-pastor but ex-christians in general, I see this surprising trend of divorce.  What seems to happen is that a person deconverts, stress enters into the relationship, and then a divorce happens.  Now marriages are a hard and complicated thing. Sometimes two people just can’t live together and the marriage fails.  Fine, I get that.  That doesn’t surprise me.

What surprises me is how often this is initiated by the Christian partner.


Atheist: So let me get this straight: Because I don’t believe in God anymore, you are going to ignore God’s multiple commandments regarding how you are required to stay married to me?

Christian: Yes.  I can’t deal with you ignoring Jesus so I’m going to ignore Jesus and find someone else who will ignore Jesus with me so that (s)he and I can follow Jesus together.

Do they…

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