I Want to Live in a World… Matt Dillahunty Speech

Matt Dillahunty gave this amazing speech at Skepticon 7 that, for me, was eerily reminiscent of the MLK I Have a Dream speech. It may be difficult for some to believe that the current situation is similar to that of 1963, but I would actually argue that it is worse.

For hundreds of years religion has preyed upon those who are unable to accept the finality of life, promising them great rewards in an afterlife if only they submit to man-made authority in the here and now. In that process, religion is responsible for the deaths of millions, maybe even billions.

Merely mentioning the historic anti-scientific nature of religion and how hindering scientific progress prevented vaccines, cures, and medicines from being developed sooner, is enough to end the doubts about the veracity of that claim. That one facet of religion has directly and indirectly killed an incomprehensible number of people, and is enough ask for the end of religion forever. Asking is not good enough for me though. I will fight for the end of religion.

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