Coming This Week

excellent post by an atheist in hiding

Pastor No Faith

ChecklistI can’t thank all of you enough for the support you have shown me.  I’m trying to respond to all your comments but with Mother’s Day this past weekend I’ve been tied up with family get togethers.  This coming week I hope to respond to every comment that has been made in my coming out story, but I don’t know if I can promise that.

Many of you have decided to follow me here on WordPress and so, for you, let me give you a heads up on blogs I will be writing this week.

The Prequels:

Before I came out to people I knew, I had a couple of conversations with people I didn’t know about my impending loss of faith.  These conversations were pivotal to my…er…awakening…?  The first conversation I had was with the Clergy Project screener.  I’ll let you in the important parts of that phone call in the…

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