5 Dumbass Comments of the Week #4

I owed you all an extra comment, so be prepared for even more dumbassery than usual.

1:49 A theist tries to redefine gravity to mean magnetic pull. He even performed an experiment to validate his results. He put a fridge magnet in water and it sunk to the bottom.

3:17 A theist tries to reconcile the fact that there was light on the first day of creation, although the stars were not created until the fourth day. He believes that god created a ball of fire that rotated around the earth until the sun was created on the fourth day. This ball of fire then went out in space to do what other balls of fire do.

5:30 A theist believes that Christianity was the first religion, but people just didn’t realize that they were really worshipping Jesus.

8:09 A black atheist doesn’t understand how black people can believe in a white Jesus, but then his gangster friend chimes in and tells him that Jesus put it in her heart to tell him to stop following that white devil’s religion and come back home.

15:15 A theist thinks that no one can actually be an atheist. He believes that everyone believes, but they just deny it. According to him, all people naturally believe, but the godless society, culture, and family are the reason they don’t believe.

22:34 A theist thinks, with incredibly poor spelling, grammar, and sentence structure, that we atheists haven’t begun to scratch the surface of the bible.

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