5 Dumbass Comments of the Week #3

Freedom From Religion Foundation – ffrf.org

Intro Song: Never Mattered – http://bit.ly/1Jt7yke

Rational Tee – http://bit.ly/1HVWvil

This week you are getting four for the price of five. Sorry, but my mind was blown at the idiocy of Joshua. I will make it up to you guys in the next episode.

1) 2:30 Joshua has an unsolvable mathematical problem

2) 4:25 Atomi says we need physical proof god does not exist or else atheism is a religion. She then wishes us good luck on winning the Nobel Prize for abiogenesis.

3) 6:05 Mary compares the scientific community’s acceptance of evolution to the acceptance of the combustion engine even though it is not very effective.

4) 9:54 Joshua has an invincible and irrefutable statement.

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