5 Things You Should Know About Your Brain

Here are 5 Things You Should Know About Your Brain

Intro Song-Out of Touch

Music is one of very few activities that makes use of the entire brain and is actually craved by your brain.[1]

Researchers have found that while listening to music your entire brain lights up and releases levels of dopamine similar to those released when eating or having sex.

A scientific study has suggested that an alcohol level of 0.075% results in people being at their more creative.[2]

Ernest Hemingway was on to something when he said, “Write Drunk, Edit sober.” They actually have a beer, the Problem Solver, that will help you get to your creative peak.

Dieting may force your brain to eat itself.[3]

Scientists have found that brain cells begin to eat themselves as a last ditch source of energy. Not only that, when the brain cells eat themselves your body releases fatty acids which active hunger signals in your brain. So you end up hungry and dumb from dieting.

Video games are more effective at overcoming depression than counseling for teenagers.[4]

Don’t get too excited. The video game was specifically designed as a self-help game for adolescents suffering from depression, however, if video game designers incorporated some of this science into their video games—we could start marketing them as a good thing! If they can get any better…

Half of your brain can be removed during surgery with no apparent effect on memory or personality.[5]

The surgery is called a hemispherectomy and is a last resort for people with severe brain disorders. While it does not affect memory or personality, the patient will lose sight and function on opposite side of the body to the hemisphere that is removed and they will still have half a brain more than creationists.

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