Hypocrite of the Week #2: Rabbi Spies on Women in Shower

New allegations against a prominent Washington rabbi, Barry Freundel, involve him bringing students from his class at a Maryland university to his synagogue’s ritual bath, the same place where prosecutors say he spied on naked congregants.

Prosecutors charged Rabbi Barry Freundel on October 14, 2014, with spying on six women at Kesher Israel synagogue, which he has led since 1989. He did so using an alarm clock camera, which he claims was for “ventilation.” Now, students at Towson University near Baltimore say Freundel presented a field trip to a synagogue as a rare opportunity to experience a ritual bath, or mikvah.

Police investigation has uncovered 5 hard drives full of video of women in the ritual showers. 5 hard drives… To put that in perspective, he has more video of women showering than the entire REASON panel combined… twice over. The worry of the community and the college is that Freundel invited these students to his synagogue so he could watch them undress and shower.

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