Church Installs Sprinklers to Drench the Homeless–Wait Just a Hot Damn Minute #3

Intro Song – Fast Lane 

A church tries to save face after it is discovered that they have been drenching the homeless in an attempt to keep them off of the church grounds for over 2 years.

Did they figure out it was the wrong thing to do? Sure, but only after the media found and ran the story nationwide. Not only are they inhumanely drenching the homeless and being complete hypocrites, but they are also wasting hundreds of gallons of water while California is in a drought.

One church neighbor says, “I was just shocked, one because it’s inhumane to treat people that way. The second thing is that we are in this terrible drought.”

Jennifer Friedenbach, executive director of the Coalition on Homeless said, “It’s very shocking, and very inhumane. There’s not really another way to describe it. Certainly not formed on the basis of Catholic teachings.”

Another church neighbor stated, “I would hope that they would stop doing this, both for environmental reasons and for common decency.”

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