What is Male Shaming?

It was a very shocking experience for me to be male shamed by the gender that I identify with the most. Basically, male shaming is making a male feel guilty about being a man just because he is a man.

I can’t speak for all men, but it cuts deep to be told that

  • “You can never understand women!”
  • “Your privilege prevents you from seeing the plight of women!”
  • “Suck it up like a man!”
  • “You guys don’t have it as nearly as bad as us women!”
  • “You’re just afraid of losing your male privileges.”
  • “You’re afraid of a strong woman!”

Male shaming can also mean that you are being shamed for not being a stereotypical male. In my specific experience, I was simply targeted because I was a male speaking about feminism. Why was I speaking about feminism? Because I am a feminist.

From the worldwide perspective, I understand the need for feminism. That’s why I am a feminist. However, here in America—feminism is a joke. I’m not talking about equal rights for men and women feminism. I’m talking #YesAllMen, misandric feminism.

Why is male shaming even a thing? If you want to shame me for something that I have done or that I am in control of, go for it. I can’t control that I was born and raised as a male. I can’t help that my male ancestors asserted their dominance over my female ancestors.  I can help how I choose to affect the world and I am more interested in helping more women overall than just a few women who are upset about a shirt.

According to some statistics from 2007, 27 million people are in modern-day slavery across the world. 80% of that number is women and girls. Why aren’t we hearing about this? Do “feminists” not care about the plight of women? In the video I mentioned that 11 million women were trafficked into the United States last year. That number is an estimate based on the tenfold increase of the number of human trafficking operations that have been discovered.

This is something that you are going to hear me speak out more about because an activist should attempt to help the most amount of people possible and not only address issues that pertain to her. Shame is not going to help us achieve our goals and shaming will never change the world. We shouldn’t tell people to develop “shame resilience.” No one should. You can’t make things better for a group of people by putting another group down.


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One thought on “What is Male Shaming?”

  1. I’m sorry mate, I feel that you are overthinking and overreacting. There can not be another person outside capable of shaming anybody who has their shit together and is attending to the world with joy. It is only when we fail to connect with true joy of life, when we start to wage wars on such trivial things as genders. I*m getting the feeling that the entire human race needs to attend more to life and less to talk and thinking. This goes out for the ladies as well. I understand the injustice and trauma …. But, the whole point of evolution is striving forward and growing out of the high-school bullshit pseudo problems. We are truly equal, no matter if you carry your “eggs” outside or inside the body. Once we end this rhetoric of intollerance, and negative relationships among people, the world will learn about peace. love and mutual respect. We are (both men and women) taking life for granted and should learn to live together . To cut the philosophy, If I were You, and got into the situation where a certain lady has a bad day and talks shit about me and my gender, I would simply tell her to grow up and start acting like a mature woman. If not, to go back to her Mamma and talk shit to her. Thanks for the attention.


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