Joshua Feuerstein ‘PROVES’ his god without using the bible

Hello everyone Deterlucem here (lol)

This my first post on this site outside of the REASON podcasts so I thought I’d start with a good one. If any of you all are familiar with my work you know that Joshua Feurstein was been a staple of my channel and for good reason. Not only is he thoroughly entertaining to debunk and to watch me debunk, he also serves as a lightning rod of sorts, drawing in all the most common bad arguments for god/against science etc to himself and then disperses them to his listeners. By debunking his videos I am able to cover much more ground than with others videos, this lets me save time and address the most number of arguments at once. No one can do it like you Joshua.

So sit back and enjoy yet another pile of bullshit 😀


Video info:

SPOILERS at the end of his video he uses the bible (but i skip it for something more important)

Once again Joshua tries to prove his god by using his misunderstanding of evolution, logic, and basic science.

I trail off at the end, so wanted to say, even if this was all 100% it still wouldn’t prove his god. We are still waiting for his evidence of THAT god or any god for that matter.

Link to his video:

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