The World is Progressing; Religion is Digressing

Ironically, as the United States continues to become more populated, the population of church-goers is on the decline. As Huff Post drops some hard facts, we see that Americans are doing more than listening to R.E.M. as they are literally losing their religion. With 23% of Americans identifying with no religious organizations, the popular Pope Francis is getting a run for his money as Catholicism holds a close 24% of the population. The motivation behind this lack of attendance runs far deeper than religious conflicts throughout the middle east and the rest of the world.

As the 21st century progresses, the effort and time organized religion requires is not particularly worth it anymore. People are making less habitual commitments to organizations, but also to themselves as the number of people who don’t pray rises. Americans, especially the youth, are finding other resources to construct their lives in a more logical and knowledgeable manner. As Amanda Marcotte stated in a recent alternet article,“Just by speaking to young people, turning on your TV, or reading the Internet, you can sense the way the country is lurching away from conservative Christian values and towards a more liberal, secular outlook.” Although America is labeling this progression as “the Great Decline of religion”, it can also be seen as “the Great Incline of science”.

With instant and reliable resources such as Discover Magazine and Live Science (or any other scientifically fueled source), religion is quickly losing relevancy in today’s society. This construct and focus on science is not only advancing free-thinking and reasoning, but is directly creating more positive lifestyles. Overall the increase towards this way of living is progressive and beneficial for the 21st century in every aspect of life.

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