Climate Change is a fact

Whatever you want to call it – global warming, climate change, climate displacement – it is an undeniable fact that the Earth’s global average temperature is on the rise. The data is irrefutable. The only debate is whether or not humans are having an impact – and if so, how much. Well upwards of 90% of climatologists agree that human activity is having an impact on the climate’s upward trend, and over 80% of AAAS scientists from all fields accept that humans are changing the climate. We simply can’t expect to be pouring carbon which has been sequestered for millions of years back into the atmosphere and oceans and expect nothing to change.

However, this doesn’t stop science deniers, usually with an agenda rooted in religion or a vested interest in the fossil fuel industry, from spreading doubt about climate change. In this clip from our secular roundtable discussion. Prototype Atheist discusses climate change and a couple well-known climate deniers and their motivations.

3 thoughts on “Climate Change is a fact”

  1. In my mind I think it’s impossible that humans wouldn’t be affecting the climate. …However, didn’t a bunch of scientists just get busted for fudging the data? Honest question.


    1. I’m not aware of a specific instance of this occurring, although it wouldn’t be the first time that scientists misinterpreted data or came to faulty conclusions. The important thing to keep in mind is that science is designed to catch this sort of thing, and that the consensus of experts in the field is the prevailing stance. Even if a few scientists were fudging data or otherwise not conducting science in good faith, that doesn’t negate the consensus opinion.


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