Lady Preaches With Nipples Out-Wait Just A Hot Damn Minute #2

Wait Just A Hot Damn Minute #2
Titty Ministry-Latashca Emanuel

Intro Song-I Just Wanna Love You (feat. DtK)

I came across a video of an ex stripper who has now become a minister and preaches the Bible in a provocative way–with her nipples out. Much like any other sexual form of ministry, like swinging for Jesus (, it does not do much for the actual spread of the gospel. Instead it diverts attention to the sexual aspect of the interaction. Personally, I don’t give a damn how people choose to do their religious thing as long as it does not affect anyone else. Although I must say, this probably indicates that religion is on its last leg when you have to reconcile sexual arousal with religion or in the case of Islam–death threats, war, and destruction. At least this part of the decline we can laugh at.

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