Anti Gay Billboard Has Ironic Twist

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A controversial “ex-gay” group has put up a billboard, sprawled with the words “Nobody is born gay,” along a major interstate highway because idiocy tends to prevail in this country.

The billboard appeared recently beside I-95 in Richmond, Virginia, which depicts two males, one dressed in a suit and the other in a white T-shirt, and says: “Identical twins: One gay. One not. We believe twin research studies show nobody is born gay.”

The group behind the billboard, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays, otherwise known as PFOX, is a national nonprofit that promotes ex-gay ideology, or the thinking that a person who identifies as gay can, through some kind of revelation, or in some cases “conversion therapy,” renounce their homosexuality and claim they are no longer gay.

On its website, the group cites two studies purportedly denying the existence of a “gay gene,” one of which was conducted in 2000 with participants who were twins. (LGBTQ Nation pointed out this interpretation of the 2000 study has been disputed by the study’s main researcher.)

PFOX has publicly promoted ex-gay therapy in the past, despite the fact that the American Psychological Association condemned such practices as being “based on a view of homosexuality that has been rejected by all the major mental health professions.”

The worst part of the story is that Kyle Roux, the model who reportedly appears in the ad, announced that he identifies as gay and is not an identical twin.

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There is always some element of irony when religion is involved.


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