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Intro Song – Nothing Can Go Wrong

Zander Mahaffey, born Sandra Nicole Mahaffey, was a 15-year-old-transgender teenager took his life last Sunday. This video is a part of the viral campaign, #HisNameWasZander, to acknowledge the flaw in our society of accepting trans individuals.

Mahaffey took his own life, presumably from a Xanax overdose, and posted his suicide in a queue on Tumblr, in a similar way to 17-year-old Leelah Alcorn from Ohio posted a heartbreaking suicide note on Tumblr, citing her parent’s refusal to accept her trans status, and calling for better education and awareness, before taking her own life by stepping in front of a truck.

Zander, who was from Austell, Georgia, posted his suicide note on his blog, saying he felt socially isolated and bullied from his family, not to mention that there was a clear allegation of sexual assault in the suicide note.

He held no words back regarding his mother how she treated him. As if that were not enough, his family went on to misgender him in his memorial posts and service.

Suicide rates among trans people are very high. In a survey conducted by Pace, an LGBT mental health charity, 48% of trans people under 26 said they had attempted suicide. If they don’t commit suicide, they usually end up homeless, or dead. To date, seven trans women have been murdered since the beginning of 2015… and it is only February.

His friends have set up a blog where he can be remembered properly.

How long before we live in a world where people can just be accepting?


Aeolus is an atheist activist with a background in literature, psychology, and religious studies. Aeolus is also the host of the REASON live show and an avid atheist admin for Religion Hurts Humanity and Philosophical Atheism. You can follow him on twitter @GodWorksOut, instagram @GodWorksOut, his Youtube channel, or connect with him at Facebook.com/AeolustheAtheist

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