Atheists Need to Learn from the LGBT Community

Atheists, get out your pen and paper, and take notes.

The LGBT community has transformed the way people view them and continues to rally support for equal rights. Although there is still much work to be done, I think that the atheist community has a lot to learn from this movement. We need people rallying. We need people coming out. We need parades. We need to change the term “atheist” from a negative to a positive, or at least to a neutral term. How do we go about doing that? We have to consistently show how atheism can be a positive thing. It sounds silly, right? How can the lack of a belief be anything? I am advocating for positive atheism, yet many atheists think that atheism cannot be “positive” or can have no identifiers attached to it. The problem is many people have already attached identifiers to us. They say atheists lack morals, are rebellious, and will destroy our society. If people can attach negative things to a term we use to describe ourselves, why can’t I attach good things to it? In essence, this is what the LGBT community has done and they have been very successful.

At a time when we are divided the most, we need to unite to change the world.

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