The Quran’s Challenge to Nonbelievers

The Quran issues a challenge to all of humanity, especially nonbelievers, to create a book like the Quran, 10 chapters like it, or 1 chapter like it. It then goes onto say that no matter what you do, you can never create anything like the Quran. Now I could insert a bad joke here about how the Quran is such a terrible book that we wouldn’t want to regress as a society by literally completing this challenge, but I will take it in its intended context. The Quran and people who believe in its divine nature hold that the book itself is a miracle and the actual challenge is to create something better than the Quran itself. I’d argue that this has already been performed by all of the literary greats, but I did it anyway just because I wanted to add my name to the list of people that have done it. I also wanted to specifically say that I completed the challenge. Many people have completed the challenge unaware that they were doing so. I did it knowing that I did it with the intentions of rubbing it in because well, fuck islam.

Here is my chapter that is better than the entire fucking Quran.

*The Aeolian Panacea*

Question everything. Believe nothing and accept things only on evidence. Use Reason and Logic to reach all conclusions. The scientific method is the best tool there is–use it wisely. Value your fellow man above all else. That means no stoning, no beheading, no burning people alive, and especially no honor killing.. Do nothing that will victimize your fellow man. Always try to promote positivity and help others. Recognize your own worth, but do not place it above your fellow man. You will respect and treat all human beings equally at all times no matter what. Do not force any beliefs you have on to anyone else. If you can’t demonstrate it with science, logic, or reason then it isn’t a belief worth having. Religions are forbidden. Worship is forbidden. Anything worthy of worship would never require or demand it. Governments can be corrupted and evil. Therefore, if you must establish governments, they will be run by committees of citizens that are not allowed to have any ties to anyone that may corrupt them, nor can they accept any form of payment for their service. In all things that you do, act for the greater good of all humanity. Finally, just as you value your fellow man, you should value the earth. It is our home, your children’s home, our future, and our legacy.

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