Heaven or Hell? An Eternity Doing Anything Would Be Hell

Ultimately, doing anything for an eternity will eventually be hell.

Here are a couple topics I presented in the video.

  1. We all have a sense of self-preservation.
  2. Accepting the finality of life gives life a value because it is temporary and all you have.
  3. Consciousness has never been observed outside of the brain.
  4. The Bible does not say much about the afterlife or “the new earth.”
  5. There is no sin in heaven (Rev. 21:27).
  6. There is no eating in heaven (Rev. 7:16, also if there is no death in heaven; there is no requirement to eat or drink).
  7. There is no marriage, which means no sex, in heaven (Matt. 22:30).
  8. There are no tears in heaven (Rev. 21:4).
  9. If god created hell, then he is ultimately responsible for anyone there.
  10. If god could create a place where there is perfection and no sin, then he should have done that in the first place.
  11. Hell as a place of suffering for humans is not a biblical concept.

Indoctrinated Christians are going to say that Hell is real and it is in the Bible. That is true, the King James Version of the Bible has 54 references to Hell. However, it is not the Hell that Christians preach, but they are all mostly mistranslations (or intentional ones). The English word Hell comes from 3 words.

Tartaros/Tartaroo – “The deepest abyss of Hades”

This word(s) is the closest resemblance to the English depiction of Hell, but it is only used once. 2 Peter 2:4 is the only location it is used and it still doesn’t match up because the Bible says “the angels that are there are to be reserved unto judgment.” Meaning that this place is for angels and there is no mention of this place being reserved for man.

Sheol/Hades – “grave” or “the world of the dead”

If you are very familiar with Greek mythology you will able to understand that these words simply meant a place where the dead dwell (no suffering is mentioned or that is an actual physical realm). If you substitute “grave” or the “world of the dead” in everywhere this word is used it becomes apparent that the Bible is riddled with mistranslations.

Hinnom/Gehenna – A literal valley outside of Jerusalem where animal carcasses were tossed and burned.

This is also the place where the Jews sacrificed children in their idolatrous days. The mention of the valley of Ben-hinnom was usually to scare children back onto the right path. It was basically a garbage dump and there were always flames burning and worms (maggots) feasting on dead flesh.

From the understanding of these words we can understand that the idea of Hell was added much later as a part of Christian doctrine.

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