5 Dumbass Comments of the Week #2

Intro Song: Reciprocation

5 Dumbass Comments of the Week #2

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  1. Theist wonders why dinosaurs didn’t eat Adam and Eve (around 1:22 in the video)
  2. Theist who embraces science wants to reconcile quantum theory with the creation story in Genesis (around 2:40 in the video).
  3. Theist thinks that God is the greatest gift from the Bible.(around 4:16 in the video).
  4. Theist does not understand why we can’t use the Bible to prove the Bible is true (around 7:06 in the video).
  5. Theist believes that most scientists are creationists and that evolution is not a fact (around 9:42 in the video).

I don’t particularly like to ridicule people… I can’t even do it without a stiff drink. Okay maybe I can, but it does give me a good reason to consume large amounts of alcohol. The point I am making here is that some people are lost causes and are not willing to be logical or reasonable. These people need to be made into an example because these delusions of grandeur are moving legislators and people of power into making decisions that affect all of us—most of the time in negative ways.

Have you tried reasoning with people with no success? Have you debunked their arguments and they refuse to accept anything other than their own beliefs? Send me a picture of their comment and they may be the next dumbass of the week.

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