Logical Fallacies: Real World Examples #1

In this video, I take logical fallacies doled out by a common street preacher, Kent Hovind, and Ben Stein.

I analyze each one of these arguments and point out what they did wrong in forming them or how they are blatantly false to begin with.

Sites used for Research
1. Your Logical Fallacy Is
2. FallacyFiles.org

Links to appropriate Fallacies
1. False Cause
2. Black or White
3. Appeal to Emotion
4. Affirming the Consequent
5. Ad Hominem
6. Denying the Antecedent
7. Affirming the Disjunct
8. Four Term Fallacy
9. Loaded Question

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9 thoughts on “Logical Fallacies: Real World Examples #1”

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