Hypocrite of the Week #4: Pastor Caught Cheating on Film with Pants Down

A Kenyan Anglican Pastor was caught red handed on camera with his hands deep in the cookie jar belonging to a member of his congregation.

The Pastor, in the video was seen pants down while the woman with him, who is a member of his church, had nothing on and in bed. The woman in question had complained of ill health and approached the pastor for intercessory prayer. Her husband, also a church member and close friend of the Pastor, was apparently trailing her following hunches of an affair by his wife. He caught the two while in the act and began throwing blows at his wife while the Pastor tried to hurriedly put his pants on.

Although she was on the receiving end, the Pastor stood by his claims that it was the woman who had seduced him and further lured him into the act.

What was baffling was the end where the Pastor and the husband left the place together like nothing had happened but the woman wasn’t with them.

The Anglican church has said it has began investigations and would carry out disciplinary actions if the claims are true.

I guess getting caught balls deep is not considered evidence.


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