Why do you want to disprove god’s existence?

Sometimes on social media a theist will attempt to take a petty jab at me by accusing me of only desiring to disprove their god’s existence.

First, no one can disprove that your god doesn’t exist. I can prove that your holy texts are inaccurate. I can prove your holy texts are immoral. I can prove that your religion is bullshit and harmful. I can even prove that your god’s nature is contradictory and illogical, but even that doesn’t disprove your god. I can’t disprove your god.

Second, I don’t want to disprove your god. If people only believed in a god and did good things in his name, I would be totally okay with that. However, many terrible things have been done in your religion’s name and your god, if he exists, is responsible and should be held accountable. Not only would he be responsible, but you are responsible for supporting an institution that thinks women are inferior, teaches children that they are worthless, and generally causes dissension and worldwide turmoil. Religious wars, the declaration of condoms to prevent HIV/AIDS as a sin, stifling medical and scientific research which led to the deaths of millions, the suppression of women’s rights, and the discrimination of groups of people are a couple other things you and your god are responsible for. I don’t know if your god exists, but it’s better for his reputation if he didn’t.

I’m not buying into your bullshit about an omnibenevolent god that allows children to starve to death. I’m not buying into your bullshit about an omnipotent god that can’t stop child rapists. I’m not buying into your bullshit about a omniscient god that knew how terrible his creation would be and he didn’t do anything to change it. I’m not buying into your bullshit about an omnipresent god that watches all of the suffering and evil in the world and chooses to do nothing.

I refuse to buy into your bullshit, but I don’t want to disprove your god. He is doing a fine job of that himself.

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