Can an Atheist be Thankful?

I was recently told that as an atheist I cannot be thankful. When I feel an extreme sense gratitude, who do I say thank you to? What may seem like crafty victory to the person who asked me this question, to most atheists this is a no brainer. We are thankful to all of the same people you are, except for your imaginary friend. People assume, to know requires evidence, that their god has orchestrated their success through their family, friends, and through their life. The truth of the matter is that this is an unfalsifiable claim and no one has ever proven that a god exists.

Gratitude is an important state of mind, but don’t you want to thank those that are directly responsible instead of someone or something that you aren’t sure exists? Thank your friends. Thank your family. Thank anyone that supported you, but most importantly–thank yourself! That is how we atheists do thankfulness.

Besides, do you really want me to tell you about all the people that your god is not helping out?



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