How Has Atheism Changed Your Life? [Monthly Contest]

My fellow atheists, secularists, and other non-theists; you must realize by now that you are viewed rather negatively by the religious community. Whether that matters to you or not, there is someone somewhere sitting on the fence of cognitive dissonance. The sit has been long and painful. They have been shifting for quite some time. They are no longer willing to sit on the fence and the time has come for them to make a decision. What will they decide?

Ultimately, that decision is up to us. I think that overall atheists do not spend enough time promoting positive atheism, but instead spend more time criticizing religion. We are guilty of this whether you want to admit it or not. We are also guilty of using science in an attempt to combat religious ideas and doctrine. Not everyone is going to be receptive to science or scientific knowledge. Some people are involved in religion for the emotional investment. There can be emotional investment without a god belief. I think that we need to spend time explaining how atheism, or losing religion, has positively impacted our lives.

With that being said, that is what this post is all about. I recently posted a video entitled, “How Has Atheism Changed Your Life?” In this short video I discuss how atheism has changed my life for the better. This is not enough to change things. For that reason, I have created a contest for anyone that is willing to enter. The prize is one atheist box. The rules are in the video description and below.

It is my hope that enough people will participate, so that we can dispel the notion that atheists are “militant” and that atheism, or losing religion, has had positive impacts on other people’s lives.

So what comes in an atheist box?

Want to win a free atheist box?

**Contest Rules**
1. Like and Share the video
2. Go like the Atheist Box Facebook page
3. Create a response video to my video describing how atheism has changed your life.
4. Email me the link to your video at
5. A winner will be selected one month from the date the video is posted.


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One thought on “How Has Atheism Changed Your Life? [Monthly Contest]”

  1. You know as a religious person I love atheist. It’s someone to debate and a way to refine myself and expand my mind. Shoot, your the only ones who see Christmas as religious!

    Much love!


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