Backpacks for the Homeless

When I was a Christian, I was inspired by Jesus’ interest in the outcasts of society. When I became an atheist that didn’t change, in fact I am very disgusted that a nation that boasts a majority of Christian adherents somehow forgets what it supposedly means to be “Christ like” (Christian).

The backpacks that I am creating are just one part in the whole project I am working on to help the homeless (watch the video or head over to to check it out).

How do backpacks for the homeless help? Well besides giving them essential items they can utilize, I am breaking the stigma of atheism. The backpack is given in exchange for an interview, in which I invite you to get to know a homeless person in my community.

How does that help? Well, studies have shown that simply by knowing an atheist or a homosexual, your favorability of atheists and homosexuals rises higher than the average (which is pretty low). Homelessness is frowned upon and has been stigmatized as well. These interviews will help put a face on homelessness.

Some cities in the United States have actually made it illegal to be homeless. Here in my city, the mayor continues to bulldoze homeless encampments. This is truly sad because most homeless people prefer their communities over the shelters. 3.5 million people are at risk of being homeless every year and between 25-40% of this number are children under the age of 18. This is a serious problem and I believe that we can change it. 

Homeless Stats

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